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Sizzling Summer Science Camp News

Well we have just successfully finished our first two weeks of science camp and we are busy preparing ourselves (mentally and physically) for the last week. 

The camps were awesome from exploding volcanoes to simple butterfly feeders.  Although I will admit at the end of each day I am incredibly exhausted, 20 enthusiastic kids is a lot to manage! 

Almost Time for Summer Science Camps

Science time!

Our science camps are very quickly approaching and I could not be more excited! I have spent almost two months looking at science experiment after science experiment.  However I am proud to say that I believe I have found the best of the best, the coolest of the coolest, the messiest of the messiest, the…well I think you get it! 

Veritas Fun!

A couple of weeks ago Christine and I visited Veritas for some science demonstrations.  We got to talk to kids from grades k-6 and we had a blast!  We did lots of different things from turning smelly cabbage juice different colors, to making an egg pop into a glass bottle.  We even had a few brave students who were willing to get a little wet! 

What it's like to be a science student

Hey everyone I thought some of you would like to know a little but more about what it’s like to be a science student. First things first the sciences are hard work. There is no way around that little fact, trust me I’ve tried, you have to be willing to work hard and stay determined. But before you all jump ahead and decide that the sciences aren’t for you, let me tell you about all of the fun I had in my classes. I had one wacky professor who actually brought in a fish on a plate, and a lemon wedge to demonstrate acids and bases!

Another Not Boring Day

So far there hasn’t been a boring day here at NSiS. On Monday May 16 NSiS and UNBC partnered up to put together a science expo for students around Terrace. For those of you who went you know how much fun we had there, we had everything from a fake baby to edible DNA. We were even fortunate enough to have professional scientists come in to speak to the 200+ students about their jobs and love of science. The speakers ranged from engineers to glaciologists. What the heck is a glaciologist!? This was new to me too, glaciologists study glaciers. Who knew?

Welcome to Nsis

Hey everyone and welcome to the NSiS website! We are very excited to have you here, my name is Kate Strangway and I will be your guide to everything science this summer. I have just finished my first year of sciences at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, and now I am home for the summer. Many of you will know me better for my involvement with the arts around Terrace; I have been a dancer for thirteen years and a teacher for eight. When I was fifteen I started up my own small dance studio, Kinetics, around the same time I also started my contract work with the City.