B-Link Program

Kick-start your venture.
Access a unique suite of customizable tools and services.
Celebrate success. 

Point your venture in the right direction.

Access a unique suite of customizable tools and services.

Celebrate success. 

Whether you are an innovator with a great idea, a start-up in need of capital or an established organization introducing a new product, B-Link aims to boost your venture profitably and sustainably from concept to completion.  We work one-on-one with our clients to identify and realize opportunities to increase return on investment, improve productivity, and enhance relationships with customers, employees and partners. Our network spans the Northwest region of BC and beyond. We’ll point you in the right direction and connect you with complimentary people, organizations, government agencies and programs.

Download our NEW B-Link Pamphlet for a complete overview.

Choose from an array of FREE and confidential services to help build your venture.  The B-Link program can provide help in these six areas:

Concept: Early stage planning - What's your idea? Is there a need?

Research: Second stage planning - What do I need to do to bring my idea to life? Who would want my idea? How would I get it to them?

Proof of Concept (Growth): Third stage planning - Is this viable? (Business Plan creation including marketing, product pricing and financial implications)

Early Traction (Getting all the pieces in place) - Do I have all my financing? Do I have the right people in place? (i.e. shareholders, partners etc.)

Start-up: Am I ready to launch my product or innovation?

Operating: Create an operations and execution plan to follow, then ask, How am I doing?

A special thanks to Western Economic Diversification Canada for funding this important program.  For more information, or to set up an appointment with our Business Mentor Coach, please contact us.  It's free and confidential.