Resources + Links

Science Fair Project Ideas
The Science News for Kids Web site has over 100 great Science Fair project ideas.

Home Experiments
These projects are mostly demonstrations, but with a little thought, you could add a control to turn them into experiments.

Discovery Science Fair Central
This is a great site to help you and your students with science fair projects.

Discovery Science Fair Central - 10 Steps to a Science Fair Project

Science Fair Ideas Exchange
This site is fun as students post ideas for science fair projects. It also has many links to other Web sites devoted to science fair projects.

Crystal Clear Science Fair Projects
Great sample projects on this site. It also contains a great example of a display board.

Science Buddies
Fantastic site for science fairs.

Steve Spangler Science
Fun site with lots of great ideas

Be sure to check out your local library for great books on Science Fair Projects and Experiments!

Science World's Science Fair Guide

PacificNorthwest Regional Science Fair
In British Columbia, 13 regional fairs are part of the 110 fairs held every year across Canada. Each fair is affiliated with the Youth Science Foundation Canada (YSF). The Pacific Northwest Regional Science Fair is generally held in March in Smithers, BC. Students residing in the following school districts are eligible to register: Coast Mountain, Bulkley Valley, Prince Rupert, Nisga'a and Haida Gwaii.


Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF)
The Canada-Wide Science Fair is the largest extra-curricular youth activity related to science and technology in Canada, bringing together our best young minds. Each year, some 450 top young scientists are chosen to compete from the top ranks of approximately 25,000 competitors at over one hundred regional science and technology fairs staged across the country.