Scientists in the Schools

Scientists & Innovators in the Schools (SIS) Program

Scientists & Innovators in the Schools (SIS) is a program offered by Science World that helps address British Columbia's need for more scientists, engineers technologists and technicians as well as to promote students' interest in these areas. The goal is to inspire students with exciting interactive presentations by real scientists. The program is offered to Grades K-12 everywhere in BC.

Teachers in the Northwest Region (from Queen Charlotte Islands in the west to Houston in the east, and from Kitimat in the south to Stewart in the north) are encouraged to book a local volunteer scientist, technologist, technician or innovator to talk to students about science, technology and innovation in their classroom.

The Northwest Science and Innovation Society (NSIS), in collaboration with Science World, has hosted a number of workshops to train local volunteers in science and technology related fields to give dynamic presentations to students that will stimulate their interest in the sciences. Training workshops have been held over the past two years in Terrace, Kitimat, Smithers, Prince Rupert and the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Jennifer Scott, Science World's Community Outreach Coordinator, explains "We are fortunate to have a diversified data bank of volunteers to speak in the schools. The students learn first-hand of exciting opportunities for advancing their innovative and scientific aspirations at any stage in their schooling between the grades of K and 12.

"With the support of the Northwest Science and Innovation Society (NSIS), we look forward to additional northwest scientists and technologists volunteering to participate in this program." Says Scott, "The workshop training prepares them to comfortably present details of their work, research and perhaps even why they chose a particular career path."

If you are a scientist, technologist or innovator who would like to volunteer, or a school teacher wishing to book a Scientist in School presentation, please contact Jennifer Scott, toll free at 1-800-363-1611, or by e-mail at [email protected]

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