Vision + Mission

Vision Statement

Northwest Science & Innovation Society (NSIS) aims to advance and promote innovation and the application of science and technology for the benefit of Northwest BC.

Mission Statement

To be the catalyst for excellence in science and technology innovation for Northwest BC.

This will be accomplished by:

  • Being visible and well known in the region.
  • Establishing relations across the region and being a network with outreach capacity. Our network will consist of information, people, and activities.
  • Being a known resource for assisting clients in taking their idea(s) to commercialization. NSIS will be "in the know" and be able to identify gaps.
  • Encouraging and developing scientific thinking without the label of science. Including and assisting students in making career choices in Science and Technology.
  • Being a catalyst in the development of more viable science and technology businesses.
  • Controlling our growth.

Core Values:

Sustainability: We perpetuate innovation by providing access to solutions without creating more problems.

Creativity: We believe in using creativity to stimulate novel ideas and projects in Northwest BC through the use and application of science and technology.

Solution-Oriented: We believe there is a solution to most challenges. Through our resources and partners, we work to create opportunities and connections for our clients throughout Northwest BC.

Regional Respect & Focus: We are dedicated to being a visible and approachable member of our regional community. We will build and maintain positive partnerships and relationships with all communities in Northwest BC that advance science, technology and innovation for everyone.

Integrity: We believe that integrity is the foundation for both our success and the successes of our clients. Our integrity will not be compromised by clients, partners or ourselves, even though at times it may not be comfortable.